Cousins and pool time

Dan’s sister and I were pregnant at the same time, and our niece was born just 2 weeks before Bridget.  But they live out in PA, and just due to life being what it is, we hadn’t  gotten to see her yet.  They finally made it out for a visit over the weekend and the … Continue reading

30 Weeks

Bridget turned 30 weeks old this week.  Not really a huge milestone.  But 30 weeks was a pretty big milestone when I was pregnant!  For one thing, it FINALLY felt like there was an end in sight.  Also, I had a 3d u/s that week, which was really exciting. 30 weeks old as an inside … Continue reading

So, the munchkin is 6 months old.  Man!  How did she go from this: to this: ….in only half a year??  Seems like just yesterday that I was sitting at the doctors office talking to Dan getting all worked up about Nebraska’s 2011 schedule and then getting sent to the hospital for monitoring because oops, my … Continue reading

BOB is here!

Well BOB arrived on Wednesday, and it was 74 (yes, 74) yesterday, so I got to take Bridget for her first run!  I think she was pretty unimpressed.  She does like going for walks, she just wasnt nearly as excited as I was about it.  No squeals of joy or anything.  Tough audience!  But I … Continue reading

So I ran 4 miles on Saturday.  And for the first time in a long time, since before I got pregnant, it felt really GOOD to run.  I felt, dare I say it, almost NORMAL.  Despite it still being below freezing Saturday morning, and despite the fact that I still have not gotten consistent with … Continue reading

Slow start

Guess how many times I ran this week?  Zero!  I suck.  I seriously need to get my ass in gear.  But man, finding the time is HARD.  Becuase there is a cute little chubby baby at home who I would much rather play with.  I know that some day soon enough she will be totally … Continue reading


Like Buttah

I think this kid is ready for food.  Real Food!  Lately she has been very interested in watching us eat.  She loves to watch the food go from the plate to your mouth, and to watch your face while you chew it.  So on Sunday night, we were over at the IL’s for dinner, and … Continue reading

New year, new blog

Oh hai.  If you followed along with kctrichick, you probably noticed recently (ok, so it wasn’t just recently) that I didnt have a lot of training stuff going on to blog about.  I had good reason!  I was busy gestating a baby!  Now to be honest, I started kctrichick as a way to document my … Continue reading