Kids’ clothing manufacturers need to stop making such cute bathing suits for baby girls.  I just bought Bridget her fourth one.  But seriously.  Just TRY to tell me she didnt need this: You can’t do it!  She NEEDED it!  Lets just call it her 9 month birthday present.  And bonus, it was 30% off in … Continue reading

Take 13

Ok, so!  I swear to all that is holy that I am going to get back into the swing of blogging again.  I know I know, I say that every time, and then go two months without posting.  I still feel like anything I post is all ho-hum boring nonsense, but I know that I … Continue reading


 Bridget’s first easter was a success!  Well, aside from Penny jumping out of the car and making a beeline for the interstate when we stopped on our way to Omaha so I could get in the back seat to give Bridget a bottle, and a dirty diaper during mass with no diapers or wipes in … Continue reading

Rock the Parkway

Well I don’t know how I managed it, but I achieved a 5k PR on Saturday.  32:44.  Not a stellar time by most standards, but for a slow poke like me, it’s pretty darn good!  And even better when you consider that I really haven’t been consistent with my running AT ALL this year! I … Continue reading

30 Weeks

Bridget turned 30 weeks old this week.  Not really a huge milestone.  But 30 weeks was a pretty big milestone when I was pregnant!  For one thing, it FINALLY felt like there was an end in sight.  Also, I had a 3d u/s that week, which was really exciting. 30 weeks old as an inside … Continue reading

Squirrelgate 2011

So we have a squirrel living in our roof.  I guess the little effers pulled up one of the shingles and have been hanging out up there.  So Dan has taken it upon himself to rid our yard of the squirrel population by trapping them.  At first, he was going to drown the ones he … Continue reading

Bridget says Happy St. Patty’s Day!

So, the munchkin is 6 months old.  Man!  How did she go from this: to this: ….in only half a year??  Seems like just yesterday that I was sitting at the doctors office talking to Dan getting all worked up about Nebraska’s 2011 schedule and then getting sent to the hospital for monitoring because oops, my … Continue reading

My poor little Element

If you know me, you know I love my Element.  It is seriously the perfect vehicle.  Perfect for carting dogs around, and perfect for carting bikes around.  Court and I were easily able to fit both of our fully assembled bikes, plus all of our race gear, into it whenever we’d travel to a race.  … Continue reading

Retire the Bumbo…

Because the girl can sit! Ok, maybe not for very long, and not all the time, but she’s getting there!  Actually, she was doing pretty well until the dogs came busting into the room during one of their nightly WWE matches and she got distracted and fell over.  She’s getting so big, my squishy little … Continue reading