Lets recap, shall we?

Ok so!  Apparently when your kid gets sick, then you get sick.  So Bridge passed along a lovely stomach bug that I spent a good 2 weeks trying to get rid of.  Then I got a cold that I’m still fighting.  Yay!  I feel like I have spent the whole damn month being sick.  No … Continue reading

Father’s Day weekend

I hope all of the daddies out there had a great Father’s Day!  We had a great weekend, albeit a busy one.  On Saturday we went up to the Shatto Dairy Farm with some friends for the Family Day at the Farm.  It was a lot of fun!   We got to pet some calves, see … Continue reading

I signed up for a race, y’all

Yay!  I finally signed up for a tri!  I signed up for the OMC Women’s Tri on September 10th.  I did it as part of a team back in 2008, but I just did the swim leg then.   So I am excited to get to do the whole thing.  And the last race I did was … Continue reading

Slow start

Guess how many times I ran this week?  Zero!  I suck.  I seriously need to get my ass in gear.  But man, finding the time is HARD.  Becuase there is a cute little chubby baby at home who I would much rather play with.  I know that some day soon enough she will be totally … Continue reading