Mah editing skillz

Nems turned me onto Picnik a while back, which is an awesome online photo editing tool for those of us that are too cheap (and dont want to spend the time learning the software) to buy Photoshop.  You can use some basic editing tools on the site for free, or I think $25-ish for a one … Continue reading

9 months

Bridget is 9 months old!  Such a big girl now.  People who got pregnant after I had her are having their babies.  Sort of weird.  So for her 9 month photo shoot, I was in a huge hurry to just get it done because we needed to get over to the in-law’s because Dan’s sister … Continue reading

So. 2 miles.

Oof.  So, running TWO MILES when you haven’t run in a year feels like a really, really long way.  I was seriously huffin’ and puffin’ by the time I got done.  And of course, I was the only person who only ran two miles, so the only people there when I got back were Eladio … Continue reading