Lets recap, shall we?

Ok so!  Apparently when your kid gets sick, then you get sick.  So Bridge passed along a lovely stomach bug that I spent a good 2 weeks trying to get rid of.  Then I got a cold that I’m still fighting.  Yay!  I feel like I have spent the whole damn month being sick.  No … Continue reading

My baby doesn’t like you, Sarah Palin.

This morning I was down in the family room playing with Bridget before work.  I had the Today Show on, as usual, and Bridget was alternating between playing with her toys and looking at the tv.  They were talking about Michele Bachmann, and then started showing some clips of Sarah Palin.  When Palin came onto … Continue reading

Well that was fun.

How was your weekend?  Ours was just FAB, thanks for asking!  Friday started off great, I had the afternoon off of work.  Who doesn’t love having a Friday afternoon off!?  So I was going to clean the house, but decided to take a nap instead.  Naps are a luxury I just don’t get to indulge … Continue reading

Father’s Day weekend

I hope all of the daddies out there had a great Father’s Day!  We had a great weekend, albeit a busy one.  On Saturday we went up to the Shatto Dairy Farm with some friends for the Family Day at the Farm.  It was a lot of fun!   We got to pet some calves, see … Continue reading

Mah editing skillz

Nems turned me onto Picnik a while back, which is an awesome online photo editing tool for those of us that are too cheap (and dont want to spend the time learning the software) to buy Photoshop.  You can use some basic editing tools on the site for free, or I think $25-ish for a one … Continue reading

Cousins and pool time

Dan’s sister and I were pregnant at the same time, and our niece was born just 2 weeks before Bridget.  But they live out in PA, and just due to life being what it is, we hadn’t  gotten to see her yet.  They finally made it out for a visit over the weekend and the … Continue reading

9 months

Bridget is 9 months old!  Such a big girl now.  People who got pregnant after I had her are having their babies.  Sort of weird.  So for her 9 month photo shoot, I was in a huge hurry to just get it done because we needed to get over to the in-law’s because Dan’s sister … Continue reading


Kids’ clothing manufacturers need to stop making such cute bathing suits for baby girls.  I just bought Bridget her fourth one.  But seriously.  Just TRY to tell me she didnt need this: You can’t do it!  She NEEDED it!  Lets just call it her 9 month birthday present.  And bonus, it was 30% off in … Continue reading

Take 13

Ok, so!  I swear to all that is holy that I am going to get back into the swing of blogging again.  I know I know, I say that every time, and then go two months without posting.  I still feel like anything I post is all ho-hum boring nonsense, but I know that I … Continue reading

30 Weeks

Bridget turned 30 weeks old this week.  Not really a huge milestone.  But 30 weeks was a pretty big milestone when I was pregnant!  For one thing, it FINALLY felt like there was an end in sight.  Also, I had a 3d u/s that week, which was really exciting. 30 weeks old as an inside … Continue reading