So!  I did a few triathlons, did an Ironman, ran a few marathons, life was great.  Then I had a baby!  Life got even better!  But uh, how to fit in those races now?  Let’s see if I can figure it out.

2 Responses to “About”
  1. Jean Mooring says:

    Hello and belated congratulations on your beautiful baby!!

    I was spending some time on the computer and ran across your old blog. When I noticed in your entry the words “I hate people” disorder, I about fell out of my chair! I thought, this blogger and I could be friends:) In fact, my favorite quote is, “I don’t hate people, I just feel better when they’re not around” — Charles Bukowsky. Anyway, after reading that I had to continue on. I read over all your race recaps and I have to say they are quite impressive! I have been doing triathlons (and running marathons) for a few years now. This summer will be my first Olympic size tri, with my big goal being a half IM either later this summer or (most likely) next summer. My question to you is did you follow any specific training plans for your Olympic/Half IM/Full IM? Did you join a tri club to train with? I’m starting to take my training more seriously now that I have longer distances in my sight, but I’m not sure how to put a good training plan together. If you could recommend/suggest/forward anything to me, I would be very, very grateful:) And thanks for a great evening of blog reading… I’m enjoying all your entries. Very well-written, educational and entertaining!

    • Jean Mooring says:

      How could I misspell Bukowski????? The ‘i” and the “y” are close to each other, but that’s no excuse!! It’s Charles BUKOWSKI… with an i!! Sorry:(

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