Lets recap, shall we?

Ok so!  Apparently when your kid gets sick, then you get sick.  So Bridge passed along a lovely stomach bug that I spent a good 2 weeks trying to get rid of.  Then I got a cold that I’m still fighting.  Yay!  I feel like I have spent the whole damn month being sick.  No fun being sick in the summer, I’d much rather waste a month in the middle of the winter.  Oh well, what can ya do.

So since then:

Bridget turned 10 months old!  Clearly, it was an exciting event for her.

We went to Omaha and visited the zoo!  Bridget loved the aquarium.

We visited the KC zoo and it was hot as balls, so we all cooled off with some frozen lemonade.

I turned 396 months old!  But no pictures of that dudes, sorry.  Bridget did enjoy her first “meal” at Ponaks though (dont worry, she only had one margarita).  We are officially THOSE people.  The ones that make the waitresses start trying to trade tables with each other when they see you walk in, because you have a KID, and they know you are going to leave a huge effing mess and then probably tip like shit.  Yeah.  I’ve been that waitress.  I’ve cleaned up after other peoples’ kids when they left 75% of their meal on the floor under the table, so it’s time for someone to repay the favor I guess.

Bridget decided walking is fun, and has been cruising around the house with the help of this push toy.

We spent some time on the deck playing in the Cutie Whale Baby Pool (why do manufacturers insist on giving baby/kid things the stupidest names possible?)

And, that about sums it up.  Bring on August, baby!

ps: How in the hell does a major grocery store run out of jalapenos?  I mean seriously.  This is not an exotic ingredient, people.  It’s not as if I was looking for Star Anise or something.

pps: Hyvee, why do you insist on hiding life-sized posters of Curtis Stone around your store?  It would be perfectly FINE, except that you literally hide them, so that when I turn a corner Curtis jumps out and is all “aaaah!!  Surprise!!!”  Just put him in a normal spot, thanks.

ppps: I also went for a swim last night.  Like a real, acutal, swim some laps kind of swim.  First time in oh, probably 2 years.  I didn’t drown, which was reassuring.  I do need to start getting my butt to the pool regularly though, because yeesh, I was slow.  Slower than my normal slow swimming.

One Response to “Lets recap, shall we?”
  1. amandafoodie says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has been scared by Curtis!!

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