Well that was fun.

How was your weekend?  Ours was just FAB, thanks for asking!  Friday started off great, I had the afternoon off of work.  Who doesn’t love having a Friday afternoon off!?  So I was going to clean the house, but decided to take a nap instead.  Naps are a luxury I just don’t get to indulge in very often.  So you know, I decided it was necessary.  Dan was doing the Lenexa BBQ again, so was out there at the park all day.  I picked up Bridge from daycare around 4:30 so that we could head out there.  That’s when the real fun began!

I always park at Lenexa City Hall and take a shuttle over to the BBQ, and since I got there right at 5, I got front row parking and right onto a shuttle.  Perfect.  I wrangled myself, Bridget, the stroller, and diaper bag onto the shuttle and got situated for the short ride.  Right as we pulled out, Bridget puked.  All over herself, all over me, all over the seat.  Oh.  No.  This was no baby spit-up, this was a full out kid barf episode.  Shit.  Remain calm.  Outfit is ruined, get it off of her.  Get wipes out of bag, clean off baby, self, and seat.  Put wipes and dirty outfit in a dirty diaper sack.  Put new outfit on baby…..dammit!  I had taken her extra outfit out of the diaper bag to make room for my camera and wallet since I wasn’t taking my purse.  Rookie mom mistake #1.  Always have an extra outfit.  But in my defense, in her almost 10 months of life thus far, she has NEVER had an incident that necessitated a clothing change while we’ve been out.  Never.  So I played Russian Roulette.  And lost.

So we got to the park and I drug the two of us plus the stroller and diaper bag off of the bus.  Yup, WT trailer park mom right here, dragging her baby around in public in just a diaper.  At least I’d had a dress on her so she still had her bloomers on.  So she wasn’t totally just hanging out in her Pampers.

Really though, it’s just not a party until a Hurley girl throws up on the bus.  She’s just getting an early start taking after her mama.  Although, I typically only do it when I’m really drunk.  But I guess she has to get her practice in somehow.  

I stupidly assumed that this was just a random incident of getting motion sickness or eating something weird for lunch.  Ha.  Haha!  Rookie mom mistake #2.

Since Dan was staying out at the park overnight, I was on my own with Bridge.  No problem.  I had a hair appointment Saturday morning, so I planned to just take her over to grandma and grandpa’s house for a few hours.  Now, normally she sleeps until after 7 if you let her, so I figured I’d have plenty of time to get up and get showered before she woke up.  Wrong!  She woke up at 6 crying due to a, uh, “diaper situation”.  Which again, NEVER happens with her.  So we got that taken care of and had some time to hang out before we had to leave the house.

My hair lady is over by Toys R Us, so after my appointment I stopped in to pick up a couple of things I had been meaning to get, and ended up scoring a water table on clearance for $22.  Normally they are in the $40-$50 range.  I had been wanting to get her one anyway, so yay!

Got back over to grandma’s to pick up Bridge, and she was in the middle of what turned out to be a 2 1/2 hour nap.  Again, pretty out of the ordinary for her.  The girl is queen of the 30 minute naps.  I also heard she was pretty whiny and fussy the whole time before she went down for her nap.  I just chalked it up to her not sleeping well, figuring she’d probably had an upset tummy the night before.

Note to self- this is what my child looks like when she’s not feeling good.  (and thanks to Eddie for sharing some of the pics he took!)

Once she woke up, she promptly had another “diaper incident”, which thank goodness, I had put an extra outfit in her bag this time.  Two in a day!?  You’re killin me, smalls!

By the time we got home, she seemed to be in a better mood, so I set up the water table for her to play with.  Huge hit!  Every kid loves splashing in the water.  Although, it really pointed out how bad we need to power wash the deck.  Not good when you get mud on the deck just from it getting a little wet.  After that we went in for a little lunch, and she fed every bit of it to the dogs.  The kid loves to eat, so that was a bit weird.  But I didn’t think too much of it.

Does this kid look sick?  I think not.

I got her changed out of her wet dirty clothes, and we took a walk up to the park to play on the swings.  Except, it was way too muggy and I was sweating my ass off just walking the 4 blocks to the park.  Attractive.  So we didn’t stay too long.

And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we got back, diaper incident #3 occured.   You’ve got to be kidding me!  But still, I did not suspect that maybe, MAYBE she was a little sick.

Anyway, long story (not so) short.  In the next 24 hours we ended up with 2 more diaper incidents (one of which happened on the way home from Target, thank Christ it didnt happen AT Target), and had a clingy, fussy baby on our hands.  I had gotten a Cozy Coupe on super discount at Aldi for her a couple weeks ago, and we put it together to surprise her with after she woke up from her nap on Sunday.  I really should have known she was sick when she didnt care about the Cozy Coupe.  What kid doesn’t wet their pants with excitement over the Cozy Coupe!?

This IS my excited face.

I finally figured out that, oh yeah, she is probably sick, Sunday night when I was giving her her bedtime bottle.  She normally gets 8 oz, and she had gone through about 6 of them when she promptly projectile vomited all of it all over me.  And the $$$ glider I just had to have for her room.  Thank goodness I sprung for the fabric protection.  Both of us were drenched and dripping with regurgitated formula, and of course Dan was in the basement and couldn’t hear me yelling for him to come help me, so I had to run around the house with a wet, crying baby trying to track him down.

Fortunately, the girl seems to be on the mend today.  Dan stayed home with her, but it sounds like she’s getting back to her normal, cheerful (and non puking) self.

As gross as it was (and really, I apologize for typing it all out and subjecting you to that mess) I really didn’t mind.  It’s kind of weird, but motherhood kind of hits you in waves.  Before you have a baby, you know it’s going to be this huge life changing thing.  And it is.  But then once the baby is here, it’s just your new normal.  The moments of “oh God, I am REALLY a mom, and this is REALLY my kid” are sort of few and far between.  This whole weekend was one of them.  Even if they are gross, I love those moments.


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