So now that Bridget is mobile, she’s able to get into stuff that she’s not supposed to.  And I decided it was time to start teaching her the meaning of the word “no”.  Well the girl must have been paying attention to us when we’re having conversations and picked up the meaning, or she learned it at daycare.  Because SOMEHOW, she gets it.  Really the only thing I’ve had to tell her “no” on so far is when she goes over to the tv stand and reaches for the tv.  Our stand is really low, and she can easily reach the tv.  The few times I’ve had to say it to her, I’ve gotten this face:

Yes, Bridget and LeBron make the same cry face when they don’t get their way.  It’s uncanny.  This does not bode well for the future when I have to actually like, punish her, and stuff.  I forsee a lot of tantrums in our future.  And not all from me.

2 Responses to ““NO””
  1. That picture. is. awesome.

    Not so much on the tantrums–maybe they won’t be so bad!

  2. lesliekarrer says:

    Isn’t that B’s middle name though anyway? Bridget LeBron?

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