Father’s Day weekend

I hope all of the daddies out there had a great Father’s Day!  We had a great weekend, albeit a busy one.  On Saturday we went up to the Shatto Dairy Farm with some friends for the Family Day at the Farm.  It was a lot of fun!   We got to pet some calves, see the cows being milked, and sample lots of their products.

Bridget tried her hand at milking a cow, she was no more impressed than she was with the fake cow we tried to make her milk a few weeks ago.

But she was plenty content to just watch the cows from a distance and wave at them.

The baby cows were more up her alley, she was totally fascinated with watching them.

Then she spent a good half hour playing with some hay.  I think I need to buy a hay bale to keep in the house.

All of that resulted in one tired babe!

Bridget napped most of the way home, and we made it back in time for a play date with her little friends.  They are all within about a month of each other, so it’s nice that she has some friends that have basically the same developmental and social skills that she does.  Every time we get together it’s fun to see how much they’ve changed!  This get together involved lots of crawling and pulling up and learning to share.

As well as some pool time.

Sunday we headed up to Maryville to see my family.  We finally got to meet my cousin’s little boy Carson, who is about 6 weeks younger than Bridge.  They proceeded to basically completely ignore each other.  I guess she was all played out from the day before.

And of course the whole point of the trip up was so that she could see her grandpa and great-grandpa.

Then it was back to KC for dinner with the other grandpa.

Whew!  Lots of car time over the weekend.  I am ready for a lazy weekend with nothing to do.  Oh wait, that is never going to happen ever again.  At least not until Bridget moves out.  This week is another busy one, seems like we have something going on every night.  Next week I’m going to try to head out to SMP for a little ride and open water swimming.  Yeesh!  I need to dust off my bike and air up my tires!

One Response to “Father’s Day weekend”
  1. Lisa says:

    Beautiful family!

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