Cousins and pool time

Dan’s sister and I were pregnant at the same time, and our niece was born just 2 weeks before Bridget.  But they live out in PA, and just due to life being what it is, we hadn’t  gotten to see her yet.  They finally made it out for a visit over the weekend and the babies got to meet!

They have a nanny for Kerry, so she doesn’t get to play with other babies every day and was excited to see Bridget.  Bridget on the other hand was more “I’m tired y’all, and where is my dinner!?” and just not quite as impressed for that first meeting.

But they got some good play time in, and it was fun to finally see them together!  Saturday we all went down to our neighborhood pool.  We took Bridge for the first time last weekend, and she was totally Not Into It.   The water was still a little cool, and it took her quite a while to decide she’d be OK with sitting there splashing around.  But not this time, she took to it right away!  The water was a little warmer this week due to several 90 degree days in a row, so I just plopped her down and let her have at it.

Lots of splashing ensued

And some water crawling

And then we got her into the big pool to try out this floatie thing I got for her.  She loved it!

She is definitely a water baby.  At one point while we were in the kiddie pool, she tipped backwards while she was sitting up and ended up flat on her back completely submerged underwater.  I scooped her up fully expecting a freak out since she had no doubt gotten a mouth full of water, but she just spit it out and kept playing.  Not much bothers the girl!

Aside from meeting her cousin and getting some pool time, Bridge hit two other big milestones over the weekend.  She started crawling (for real, on her hands and knees not just the army-style crawling she’s been doing for a few weeks) and she figured out how to pull herself up to a standing position.  Big girl!  So that meant it was time to lower her crib mattress, and some serious baby-proofing is about to take place now that she’s fully mobile.

2 Responses to “Cousins and pool time”
  1. Ashley says:

    Glad she’s already modeling her new suit! Love the pool pics.

  2. Lisa says:

    She’s so cute!

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