9 months

Bridget is 9 months old!  Such a big girl now.  People who got pregnant after I had her are having their babies.  Sort of weird.  So for her 9 month photo shoot, I was in a huge hurry to just get it done because we needed to get over to the in-law’s because Dan’s sister and her husband were visiting with their daughter who is just a couple of weeks older than Bridget, and whom we hadn’t met yet.  As she gets older and increasingly mobile, it is getting harder and harder to get B to sit still long enough to get a decent monthly picture.  And it doesn’t help when I’m in such a hurry that I dont check the settings on my camera and just fire off a bunch of shots without checking any of them before running out the door, and end up shooting in a WAAAAYYYYY too high iso so they all turn out blurry.  Hrmph.

Wiggly baby means we end up with a bunch of this:

and this:

…with very few decent ones mixed in.  Oh well, she’s cute anyway, even if she is making a turkey neck or eating the chair 🙂  This will just have to do:

More to come from the weekend of the cousins finally getting to meet.  And Bridget learned two new tricks over the weekend, apparently all in an attempt to try to show off. 😉

2 Responses to “9 months”
  1. Lisa says:

    She’s gonna hate that turkey neck photo when she’s a teenager.

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